Gallery Talks - Panel - Reception

Deadline: Wednesday evening, November 28th. (Event goes to print later this week).

WHO: Both Artists and Scientists

WHAT: 3 question survey about availability on March 2rd and 10th.

WHY: We are inviting the artist and scientist pairs to present their work to the public in the form of a Synergy Panel Discussion (1-3pm) in the Museum of Science presentation hall. We would like to follow with a reception (3-5pm) in the gallery space to continue the conversations with the public, our guests, and one another and to celebrate the opening of Synergy!

I must stress, we need Everyone to fill out this survey very quickly please. The event is going to be printed in the MOS Event Brochure later this week. The Brochure is a major way to inform the public about this event. Please respond no later than Wednesday evening. I really hope we get 100% response to this survey!!

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